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 The Rules of The Forum

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PostSubject: The Rules of The Forum   The Rules of The Forum Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 2:47 am

These are the forum rules please read them to pervent getting a infraction/ban

1) No spaming
Spaming is anything that has noting to do with the tread/forum that your posting under.
This also means no asking for things and no trading all of this is not exceptable and you will be warned or/and a infraction

2) No hacking decussion
Talking about how to hack or advertising hacking programs posting any of this will lead in a warning or/and a infraction

3) No adult material
This includes pornography and content such as drugs,kissing and gore if any of this is posted you will be permanly banned (No exceptions)

4) No Swearing/Cursing
We have word filters that will remove all swear words with -PLEASE REPORT THIS POST TO A MOD/ADMIN- and we all so dont except things like this **** and/or &^!*

5) Respect moderators and forum users
We will not tolerate bad behavior to a fellow forum user or a mod/admin

6) No advertising
Please only advertise on the Advertising boards,Profile and your Sig

7) No copying images
Me and the staff would like to make this clear NO COPYING IMAGES FROM THIS FORUM if you do happen to copy any images we will have your forum/site closed down

8) No asking to be a moderator
Please do not ask to be a moderator


Q. How do i become a moderator?
A. To become a moderator you must be kind to users always follow the rules. By asking to be a moderator your chances will go lower

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The Rules of The Forum
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